A|C|C|O|R Plasma Skin Tightening: Sue’s Story Part 1

Plasma skin tightening: the new innovative way to get great results with lower risk!

Across Brisbane, you will find many different cosmetic studios and surgeries that offer a range of different treatments that will tighten and smooth you skin. With so much variety, it can be difficult to choose an option that is right for you. While some people may opt for surgery, others may not be willing or ready to take that step. That’s okay!

At Envisage Studio, we understand the risk of things like a face lift which is why our founder, Sue, began to seek alternative (non-surgical) methods to achieve similar results.

“As an avid researcher, I discovered the buzz about plasma earlier this year. With intriguing interest, I watched endless YouTube videos (there is some scary stuff out there!) and educated myself in all there is to know about plasma pen skin tightening.

I had looked at several different devices but was not 100% certain they were what I was looking for. Then I happened to come across another competitor in the industry having announced they had purchased the ACCOR Cosmetic Corrector plasma pen. Knowing this particular competitor was equally as good as me in research and development, my interest went in the direction of the ACCOR device.  I lodged an enquiry through the appropriate website and within 24 hours had a phone call from the lovely Sam Starke, National Sales Representative for Samson Medical Technologies who are the Australian & New Zealand Distributors for the ACCOR plasma pen, together with other medical and hospital equipment.

Sam invited me to their Discovery Workshop being held in Brisbane early in September where I was lucky to meet with other like-minded dermal skin therapists and cosmetic doctors and see the treatment being performed. Sam then visited me at my Ashgrove Studio the following morning and performed an upper eyelid treatment so as I could experience it for myself. This is the only way I would commit to purchasing the equipment as, like most cosmetic medical equipment, it is very expensive!”

What is plasma skin tightening?

Plasma skin tightening is used for skin rejuvenation and can tighten areas around the face and body and  create dramatic results. It is commonly used for:

  • Non-surgical eye-lift
  • Non-surgical face lift
  • Correcting fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improving scar tissue
  • Improving skin texture
  • Improving pigmentation
  • Removal of skin tags
  • Removal of small tattoos

In particular, the ACCOR Plasma Pen is the world’s only low frequency plasma device. This German designed device precisely targets your skin concerns and creates an almost instantly visible lift to leave you with beautiful, natural-looking results.

Sue’s experience with the ACCOR Plasma Pen

“Having taken some ‘BEFORE’ shots, Sam prepped and numbed the area about to be treated.

You could say that I was really tested with this procedure. Being a bit of a toughie with pretty much a high-threshold to pain (I’ve done some shocking things to myself with IPL, skin needling etc over the years), I had to put this up around 6 to 8 out of 10 on the Richter scale, particularly when she was working over the actual eyelids.

Given the electrical energy is emitting heat up to 300 degrees Celsius, I’d guess you’d be feeling some intensity despite plenty of numbing cream having been applied. However, it was all over and done within 15 to 20 minutes.

Understandably, the eyes are extremely sensitive compared to other areas of the face. Once Sam had completed the post treatment care ie application of a fine, base powder to help seal everything in and protect against bacteria, I looked in the mirror. Wow! What I saw was amazing!

There was an instant visible contraction, lifting and tightening with all these little brown dots distributed evenly over the treated area. It felt super tight! Sam gave me all the correct after care advice and instructions. As the day progressed, I could see some mild swelling but all good, I took off to the supermarket without a care in the world.”

Plasma Skin Tightening Results

To view the results of ACCOR Plasma Skin Tightening, click here. This covers Sue’s recovery up to 10 weeks after her treatment.