Skin Enhancement

Taking time to treat your skin is no longer a luxury, but a necessity of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Furthermore, if you have spent years and years baking yourself in the sun without adequate protection, you know precisely what damage it has caused.

Reversing the signs of ageing and re-modelling the skin’s texture can be accomplished without radical surgery and months of downtime. Ageing gracefully is for a fine cabernet only. You stand by helplessly watching the corners of your mouth pointing south and your wrinkles deepening into troughs.

The irony is that although you knew the process started a long time ago, it feels like it happened overnight. Ageing is inevitable, but looking older than you have to is entirely your choice. Retarding the ageing process is not a one-shot deal. You can’t have a few skin peels, slap on some serum, down a few antioxidants and call it a day. It requires a consistent and integrated programme of care and maintenance.

The earlier you start paying attention to your complexion and stop taking it for granted, the better prepared you’ll be for decades to come.

The key steps to age defiance are:

  • Prevention – cleanse and moisturise every day and prevent early environmental damage by wearing a sunscreen even when the sun is hiding.
  • Protection – protect from future photo-damage with SPF30 and topical Vitamin C serum.
  • Reversal – use cosmeceutical, anti-ageing products, cleanse twice a day, remove makeup every night before retiring and exfoliate regularly.
  • Maintenance – Keep it all up… do it every day!

We offer a number of cutting edge treatments including Deep Sea Peels, Microdermabrasion, Skin Needling, Skin Photo-Rejuvenation and
Pumpkin Resurfacer Peels.